5 Easy Ways to Start Homesteading

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I feel like people are so intimidated by the word homesteading. Although, it is a big word packed with an even bigger meaning, it’s much easier to start than most people realize. I’ll show you five easy ways to start your homesteading journey, so it won’t feel so overwhelming.

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Kick the Mindset of “I can’t”

You won’t get very far if you keep telling yourself you “can’t”. I don’t like to use that word if I can help it. If homesteading is something that has piqued your interest and you keep coming back to the thought, then maybe it’s worth exploring. You don’t have to be a certain age and you’re never too old to start. Decide on some things in your life that are important to you or that you wish were different and start there.

For me, it was our food system. I had recently had a baby and was learning about giving her solid foods and what’s good for her and then I learned through a process I was going through to live a healthier life what is actually “good” when it comes to food in our grocery stores. Being intrigued with the ingredients in the food that is “approved” and deamed “safe”.

Sis, I’m here to tell you, food isn’t meant to be complicated. Food is meant to bring people together and to be enjoyed and be delicious. Not complicated and bad for you like most all the food in our grocery stores today. I’m telling you it’s the root cause of at least 95% of health problems in America. (My own opinion – don’t come for me). But, that’s a story for another day.

feeding sourdough starter

Discover Your Why to Start Homesteading

This is one very important factor in starting your journey. It’s overall what will keep you on the path and drive you to keep on keeping on. My why is to make sure my family has the most wholesome food available to them and in a way that will serve them well. That’s what started it all and since has snowballed into more and more! I mean that all in all the best ways.

Your why will continue to change from year to year but ultimately is rooted in where and why you originally started. Who would be comfortable with giving my child something they knew would harm them? I did the best with the knowledge I had at the time just like I’m sure all parents do for their families.

So, without further a due let’s learn the 5 easy ways to start homesteading!

1. Learn to Cook from Scratch Meals

This doesn’t require you to be a fancy chef or to know everything about cooking. The best advice is to just start. Find a recipe that is simple and a meal you know your family loves and go from there. Instead of buying all the ingredients prepackaged for hamburger helper make your own! Bread is not as complicated as most make it out to be try starting some sourdough! Learn more about that here 🙂

roated chicken
up close slices of sourdough bread
homemade chicken broth

2. Learn Where Your Food Comes From

It is important to educate yourself, so you’ll know if you’re making the right decision about what you want to eat and what you’d rather do on your own. You can really go overboard here and make it consuming or you can keep it as simple as possible.

picking berries
hand full of tomatoes

3. Get Some Backyard Chickens

One simple way to start homesteading is by getting livestock and this isn’t easy for some. Those who don’t love animals, don’t worry I got you in step four ;). Chickens are easy to keep and produce one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. They are fun to have, and children learn a lot from them. You can use eggs for baking and cooking or to eat on their own.

backyard chickens
fresh eggs

4. Support Local Farmers/Businesses

This is one way I love to promote being a homesteader. I know often time we look at the highlight reel and see someone doing absolutely everything from making cheese, baking everything from scratch down to the condiments and you’re thinking…”wow I’ll never be able to do all that.” I felt that way at one point too and I didn’t let it get to me. Supporting local is super special. People work hard to provide their community with good stuff and I’m happy to support when I can. It may take some extra looking for a hidden gem to support but I assure you it’s always worth it for you and them. This means buying meat and eggs (for those who aren’t animal lovers ;).)

raw honey sucker

5. Start a Small Garden

This may be obvious, but it goes hand in hand with the control over the food you eat and knowing what is in it and on it. Start off small with maybe a little herb garden to use in some of the from scratch meals you’re learning to cook. Maybe a salad garden so you can collect part of dinner right out of your backyard. Don’t over complicate it and add a little something each year. The thrill you will have from saying “I grew this” and putting it with a nourishing meal is priceless.

A great garden starter kit to use, here.

garden basket filled with produce
basket full of garden produce with fresh eggs

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